Dealership Management System

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Provides you with tools for managing your dealerships' data, checking performance (compliance), tracking deficiencies and the necessary corrective measures (action plans), creating performance and trending presentations, and etc.

Solution Structure

Improving the way you manage your dealerships will improve both customer and dealer satisfaction. Your staff will perform better. This system achieves this by reducing the time for completing any change transaction. It standardizes your processes, increases your efficiency, cuts down our costs and organizes your documentation within an orderly and paperless flow.

This is the tool that will do all of this and more. For more information please look at the details below. Please contact us for more details. Ask us for a demo to prove the point.

Dealership Database Management

  • Show centralized dealer data
  • Change dealer data via transaction
  • Generate dealer reports

Dealer Report Card

  • Dealer data dash board
  • Show dealer performance of all specified categories at glance
  • Drill down to deep details on each eategory

Dealer Report Card shows dealer's performance in various categories helping you improve dealership performance

  • Used To Improve dealership performance
  • Allows you to identify the areas where a dealership needs improved performance. It matches performance against national, state, market area, region and other levels.
  • Performance Is measured against standards set by Manufacturer. Users can Drill Down to look at the details.

Action Plan

  • Define deficiencies
  • Handle action plans' work flow and communication
  • Alert system

Action Plan tracks the progress of the dealership's compliance regarding its commitment to execute the action plan to correct a dealership's deficiency.

  • After identifying a dealership's deficiency, you need to set up an action plan for the dealership to correct such deficiency
  • Tracks the progress of the dealership's compliance regarding its commitment to execute the action plan

Presentation & Trending

  • Generate powerpoint presentation showing dealer performance
  • Manage history of presentations
  • Manage templete of presentations

Presentation & Trending collects dealership's data and generates a graphic PowerPoint presentation

  • Allows you to create a graphic PowerPoint presentation of a specific dealership's data
  • This presentation package provides information in a graphic format that illustrates performance trends as well as other related dealership information and performance trends.

Dealer Candidate Management

  • Manage dealer candidate database
  • Handle communication with dealer candidates

Dealership Agreements

  • Manage dealer agreements and special agreements

Proposed Dealer Location

  • Manage proposed location data for new dealer open