Enterprise development

Fast Delivery With Low Cost

Architecture (Saving cost and improving quality)

Multi-tiered Architecture We develop scalable solutions that are based on a distributed multi-tiered architecture.

Enterprise Design Patterns We keep up with proven and modern methodologies, technologies and tools to provide you with robust and reliable applications at minimum cost. We apply latest enterprise design patterns from Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and other software development organizations.

We always concentrate our efforts into finding ways to decrease development cost and improve quality.

DLS framework (Experience and technology)

Over the years, we acquired vast experience in developing tailor-made applications. We have created software packages that are highly flexible and cater to the needs of various business activities. By the adaptive re-use of the proven functionalities of our existing modules we can provide you with tested and cost effective solutions.

Error handling (We find and fix an error before you notice it!)

We take our software quality very seriously. Prior to installing our applications on your system we subject them to rigorous testing. Our error handling mechanism enables us to correct any problems that might later arise due to unforeseen issues. We promptly fix any issues within a very short time.

Test-driven development (Reliable applications)

We write more code for testing than functional code because we understand the importance of unit testing. We thoroughly test our applications at every level and document every release at every step of development. We constantly endeavor to improve our testing methodology by implementing the latest technologies. TDD (Test Driven Development) is one of the technologies we use. TDD, also known as test-first programming or test-first development, is an evolutionary approach to development where you must first write a test that fails before you write new functional code. TDD is one of the key technologies in Extreme programming and Agile software development.

Rapid application development (Fast delivery at low cost)

Reducing time is not contradictory to decreasing cost. We implement Rapid Application Development (RAD) technology at every phase of software development. We use different tools including our own customized tools. We will comply with your methodology.

Development environment (Cross platform development)

We have developed many applications using various languages, such as C, C++, C#, Java, VB.Net, VB, VBScript, XML, JavaScript, HTML, CSS etc. Our team members are experienced in cross platform environments. We have developed many applications for both Web and Client Server.

We are also very experienced with .NET Framework

Reports, electronic documents and imaging (Integrated with your common office tools)

Our applications utilize several means to create, populate, publish and archive reports and electronic documents. The formats that we can use include, but are not limited to, PDF, HTML, Reporting Services and Microsoft Office.

We are leaders in document scanning and image processing. We embed these technologies into our applications. We are also very experienced with .NET Framework

Web services (Extending our reach)

During the development of many of our applications we have faced various problems due to complex corporate infrastructures, particular to each of our customers. We overcame these problems by utilizing web services. They enabled us to enhance security and extend our reach over cross platform environments.

Document scanning and faxing over the web (Document acquisition)

Scanning and Faxing enhance the usability and flexibility of any application and extend your office beyond corporate headquarters. Our applications integrate these functionalities. Our technology enables you to scan documents from web applications. You can scan documents directly to your database without user interference.

Mobile applications (Access from anywhere you go)

We deliver comprehensive field-operation solutions and handheld applications for field representatives together with desktop functionality for field management, all seamlessly integrated to front and back-office enterprise systems. Our solutions allow organizations to make a complete paradigm shift in mobility systems. More than simply transferring data to and from new devices. Our applications arm you with intelligent business processes - on the move – to grow revenue, reduce costs and deliver exceptional customer service.

Interactive mapping (Maps, data and imagery)

Mapping makes it easier for you to display data and find resources for your company. Our applications can incorporate easy-to-use online maps with whatever data you would like to show.