Logistics Planning Forcast

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Logistics Planning Forcast allocates vehicles to dealerships by models, model trims, and etc based on production planning data

A tool for managing dealerships' allocation and shipping by model, model trim etc.

  • Based on Production Planning data, the system allocates vehicles (by to model, model trim & etc) to dealerships,. The distribution is based on sales history and pre-defined criteria.
  • Allows creating what if scenarios to forecast the effects of future models and dealerships.
  • Effective planning to maximize the network and resources of transportation service providers.
  • Effective forecasting of equipment needs.
  • Simulate transportation flows in order to determine the most cost-effective and efficient ways of transportation.
  • Improve data integrity report accuracy/response time, as well as improve report accessibility.
  • Generate logistics cost projection information required to make intelligent business decisions.
  • Provide to Finance Division a projected transportation cost and volume so that they can budget or plan accordingly.