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Excellence Is In The Details

The following are just a few samples representing the range of our business expertise. We have built many other systems:

Dealer/franchise/supplier management system

  • Is used to process and record all business interactions between manufacturer and its dealers/franchise.
  • Automates the procedure for routing the packages through the different steps in the approval process. It has a built in dynamic approval process that doesn't require a static organization chart.
  • Handles as many different kinds of transactions as you can think of. Renewals, Relocations, Open Point, Buy/Sell, Ownership Changes, Officer Changes, Facility Changes, Product line Changes, Address book changes, Entity changes and many others.
  • Generates and populates all kinds of legal documents including sales agreements.
  • Has many additional useful features: Online/offline, Photo Gallery, Policy viewing, Discussion Forum, Reporting, Search, etc.

Typical transaction process

The system automates the process of dealership related transactions, such as Renewal, Buy/Sell and Ownership Transfer that are extremely paper and labor intensive.

management system

  • Saves money.
  • Reduces transaction completion time. (1 day vs. months)
  • Expedites transaction approval process. (electronic vs. paper)
  • Maintains history records for legal reference.

Dealer/franchise/supplier deficiency tracking and monitoring system

Allows users to create, track, and validate procedures intended to improve the performance of a Dealer/franchise/supplier in conformity with agreed upon resolutions. The system allows you to:

  • Select the Action Plan priority level and categorize performance variance. (deficiency) Update the status of a plan.
  • Designate levels. (complete, abandoned, deleted or rejected)
  • Promote accountability. (you can define a responsible person, provide a reason for closure)
  • Send reminder updates if the due date is past to get closure.
  • Submit plans to the next level management for approval. (assures plan targeted is appropriate to mutually agreed upon goals)

Dealer/franchise/supplier performance monitoring system

Allows you to identify the areas where a franchise needs improved performance. It matches performance against national, state, market area, region and other levels.

The system is composed of two components:

  1. A main site for viewing measurable performance data for a franchise; where needed, users can drill down and pull-up additional pages with more detailed information.
  2. Franchise Presentation Package allows you to create a hard copy of the specific data found in the main site and its drill-downs. This package provides information in a presentation format that illustrates performance trends as well as other related franchise information.

Dealer/franchise/supplier presentation package

Allows you to do the following:

  • Select a specific franchise.
  • Create graphs for the performance of the franchise.
  • Bundle tables, graphs or charts into a presentation that can be printed and viewed as necessary.

Dealer/franchise/supplier contract maintenance system

This is a complete and comprehensive system that generates, prints, batch prints, archives and updates agreements/contracts. The system maintains the history of the agreement/contract including the constituents such as table of contents, addenda and attachments. Executed agreements/contracts can be scanned/faxed to the system.

Dealer/franchise/supplier sales incentive system

When a salesperson performs well, he should be rewarded. This application is a web based gaming application that salespersons can log on to and get their rewards.

Alert system for legal issues

This system ensures compliance with an agreement's terms and conditions by keeping track of milestones and sending out reminders and alerts. The system includes an approval process and is very modular.

Mulroney label generation system

The Mulroney sticker is a Federal required vehicle price sticker which must be displayed in the window of all new vehicles. This system provides individual or batch printing of this sticker for car dealerships.

Shipping management and forecasting

The Shipping Management application gives you a visual representation of your data through interactive maps. It efficiently manages shipping logistics to streamline inventories and Dealer/franchise/supplier management. It tightly integrates your carrier's tracking system with each other. This link between carriers and Dealer/franchise/supplier reduces shipping errors, while giving your customers accurate and timely in Dealer/franchise/supplier management. It tightly integrates your carrier's tracking system with each other. This link between carriers and Dealer/franchise/suppliers reduces shipping errors, while giving your customers accurate and timely information about the status of their shipments.

Packaging management

This is a web-based, data-enabled packaging information management application that allows you to manage the entire span of the packaging process from conception to distribution. It helps you manage tracking, storing and sharing data, as well as graphics and design templates. And it does all this using your existing databases so you don't have to start from scratch.

Sales/models forecasting

Sales/Models forecasting application forecasts the sales of models based on unit sales for last twelve months.


We have developed many games, the following are just samples of our products:


A completely networked game with three types of poker. Includes a large amount of options including interactive sound and animation (multimedia). Also includes a networked message sending system to add to the fun. A learning mode is included see attached text.

Salvo (Battleships):

Based on a well known game for two, A shooting game where each side disposes in its battle zone four warships invisible to the enemy. The game can be played over a network or against computer. Sound effects are included.


A game of logic in which players remove sticks in turn. The game can be played over a network or against computer.

Encyclopedia of measurement

Fathom (Global Conversion Tables):

Being the largest and most detailed in its field, this program is a valuable tool for engineers, scientists and students. It is a valuable general knowledge source as it combines ancient and modern multinational measurement units. It has more than 2600 units and covers almost all fields with the capability of performing more than 248000 conversions (our closest rival is capable of 16000) with many features not available in similar programs.